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Hello All! We just received a note from John about RealTalk. I hope you’ll join with John, Mark and I and participate in these conversations. I’ll never forget the day when Mark told me we learn far more from participating in a conversation than by sitting and passively listening to a sermon on Sunday morning. To participate, please add a comment at the bottom of the page or a reply to someone’s comment. If you would like to initiate a topic, please send it to me with an intro of about 250-300 words to get the conversation kicked off. I thought we could start with the other email we received today about the Spirit of Adventure. Here’s a copy of it – more importantly, what do YOU think?


Over the last 5 weeks God has been calling LifeLine Church to adopt a Spirit of Adventure. Our teachings on Sundays, prayer meetings, small group meetings, testimonies and other activities are being influenced by this topic. We believe that Spirit of Adventure shouldn’t just a be a series we look at for a few week but it is an attitude which should be absorbed into the our bloodstream and become part of the DNA of our church. We accept this could take some time as we have to re-wire the way we think but if God is speaking He is also releasing the grace for us to be doers and not just hearers of His word.

Adventure is “an unusual, daring, risky and exciting experience”. We believe God has been telling us now is the time to take more risks. Sometimes these risks will look like they pay off andSpirit of Adventure 2 sometimes it looks like they have flopped. But the only question we have to asked ourselves afterwards is “did I think this COULD be God?”. If the answer is ‘yes’, there’s no need to berate ourselves, catching God is worth the risk. Adventure is wherever the cloud stops. We need to be mobile like the children of Israel were as they followed the cloud around the wilderness. The cloud could stop over your work, family situation or somewhere completely different. We can have the Spirit of Adventure when we go into battle or to the shops. It’s not where we go but HOW we go there. If you would like to access all the previous teachings within the series please click here.


Recently Anthony McKernan and I had opportunity to unpack some of the points raised by John in previous teachings and highlight other features of the Spirit of Adventure (click here for audio and here for the PowerPoint).
I spoke about our call to be the Head and not the Tail. But I admitted just like flipping a coin, I’m as likely to be a Head as a Tail. As a Head I’m influenced more by conviction than facts, hopeful, responsible for my choices and solution focussed.

To step into my identity as a Head I need to
•    refuse to agree with the devil
•    remember God’s nature
•    be thankful and boldly take God at His word and nature
•    rest assured He won’t allow me to be crush.

As I choose to do these things I will be ready to take my adventure by the scruff of the neck.

What does adventure mean for you?

Old age didn’t dampen Caleb’s Spirit of Adventure (Josh 14:6-12). He was eager to conquer the fortified cities God had promised him. What is your hill country and fortified cities that you will conquer?

2 comments for “Adopt a Spirit of Adventure

  1. Keith
    July 6, 2016 at 6:55 am

    Loved your analogy Tina. Thanks for sharing it. While I have never been on a surf board, I have watched many surfer competitions and am always amazed at the balance they demonstrate. Surfers aren’t remembered for the waves they fall off of, but the ones they ride successfully. I tend to focus on the ones I fall off of – or at least I did until Grace & Faith broke through. Knowing you are His son , and part of the family, makes attempting the next wave even fun. If we are rigid inside and can’t allow for the possibility that you could fall, not sure we’ll get very far.
    I always tell the family – if your faith is alive, life will have a sense of adventure; if it’s weak, life will be humdrum. Especially with all of the “suddenlies” in Scripture, and the “how much more’s” how can’t we head out for the next wave in our lives with some excitement in our hearts? I am happy to report that I am back on my board, out in the deep, waiting for the next wave with my name on it.

  2. July 5, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    I was thinking about the adventurous activity of surfing. The surfer tries many times to catch a wave , falls off,mistimes the wave, catches one only to find it fizzles out, and yet he gets back on again, waiting for the perfect opportunity , hoping for the perfect experience. You see he is a surfer he is a surfer when he runs into the water carrying the board . Prepared for adventure. It is not the achievement but the process that defines us

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