Continued Ebola crisis in West Africa

The crisis continues. We at LifeLine are very much in the thick of it. Sadly in the very area of our base and community people are dying on a regular basis.

IMG_1131The world is finally stirring to help, but it is painfully slow to get through to the point of need. It is hampered by bureaucracy and corruption and how we long for changes in both of these issues. However, according to our belief and practice we have not simply taken a defensive position but, as well as the ongoing demand for our Ebola Sensitisation Programme that we have developed on the ground there in Kuntolah, we are now engaging in delivering food and essential supplies to people quarantined in their houses so that they are encouraged to remain in quarantine. We have also been asked to lead the construction of an Ebola Community Care Clinic which is a type of first line response base.

Whilst for the first time ever we are preparing to make an appeal for these things, we continue to resource much of what we are doing from our community. This is one of the values of community that we can join together, combine our resources and seek to make a difference either here in our own community or in those places that God sends us. It is good to philosophise and contemplate, argue and discuss, but it is critical that we engage together in action. Our experience is that people actually engaging in community are more likely to also practically engage in demonstrating God’s heart in a practical way in the real world. As well as money resources and encouragement we are also engaged in sending key people; one has already left and another leaves shortly for Sierra Leone.

I would agree that merely sitting in meetings and hearing teachings upon teachings is futile, but I would also say that being part of a community that commits to action consistent with principal is God’s preferred plan.

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