1 Pet 2:7 – Is He precious?

“Precious” is a great word.  It cuts through all the knowledge we have, the books we have read or written and leaves the heart exposed.  Things or people we highly value are precious.  Jesus said the Kingdom of God was like treasure a man found and with great joy, sold everything in order to purchase the land containing the hidden treasure.  It’s also like a pearl so great in value that it caused a pearl merchant to sell his entire inventory in order to purchase it.

Please note…

  1. The treasure was hidden.  You have to seek for it.  You won’t find it up on the surface.
  2. The price was within reach for all – it simple costs all!
  3. There was great joy in the transaction.  No one was forcing anyone to mnake commitments.
  4. The response of both was a little over the top.

Here’s a true story.  A few years ago while I was pastoring in NH, during a building project, we found a buried safe right where the foundation was being dug.  This was during the same time that a mafia don’s safe had been found and was being opened.  We hit the front page of our local paper and even had some offers to purchase it from the community.  We tried renting a saw with a carbide blade but it hardly scratched the surface.  Finally, we hired a local garage with a blow torch to get it open for us.  You know what we found?  No, it wasn’t gold bars to pay off the building costs!  We found nothing but old papers and pieces of a rug.  We learned many valuable lessons through that experience but one in particular was this:  Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Your heart will always move towards what you treasure and not the other way around.  So one important key of the kingdom is this – what do you treasure?  And, is He precious to you?  Not, do you know everything about His life and teachings but is Jesus precious?  Selah!

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  1. Keith
    May 12, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    Mark, I think you’ve put your finger on a vital decision we all face in various ways in our lives. Scripture says that “those that trust in the Lord will never be disappointed.” And yet, we all face disappointments – I’m thinking of the disciple on the road to Emmaus who expresses to Jesus (not knowing it was Him) these words – “we were hoping that He was the One…” He was and didn’t recognize him because he thought things were going to work out in a certain way. How many times have I done that?!

    Subtly, I start to think that things are going to work out in a this way or that way and when they don’t my faith wavers. Rather than taking the low road recognizing who’s in charge (and whose I am) and that maybe He was working on something better for us I allow my soul to slide into despair. I’ve just lived through a perfect example: as you know (as do many Lifeliners) we have faced a very difficult season (4-5 years in length). We would read those Scriptures celebrating the victory that trust in God brings and they would seem to drop like lead in our hearts. Rather than fight the good fight of FAITH (the fight to believe the truth regardless of our feelings) it was so hard not to give into the feelings of despair, self pity and the like.

    Now, I’m looking back on this season with real thanksgiving because I have experienced the sufferings of Christ in ways I never had before and can say, with Paul, that I am “pressing on to know Him, the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.” Moreover, I have learned to forgive in deeper ways than ever. I have received some treasured insight into the western church and how we must change and develop to fulfill His plan in our generation. The list goes on and even now thinking about it all, my heart grows happy with hope and anticipation of the good things to come. I’m grateful for all our friends in Lifeline who took time to pray and to share what they were hearing with us – each bringing new strands of hope for our hearts – all of which now are being fulfilled. All I can say is – “HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD, SING WITH ME, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD THAT ALL WILL SEE HOW GREAT, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!

  2. Mark McGrath
    Mark McGrath
    May 12, 2014 at 7:48 am

    What a cool story. I can imagine the excitement of finding the safe. The thrill of the first attempt to open it, and the frustration at not being able to. And finally, the anticipation of the moment, it’s ready. And, when it finally is opened, there is the letdown when you realize that what you have been seeking and hoping for, was of no real value to you. Oh, the pain of it!

    I would be less than honest if I didn’t acknowledge that sometimes following Jesus leads me to feel disappointed. Things don’t always turn out the way I am hoping. But here is the thing that keeps me in focus; the true value of following Jesus comes by building my life on Him as the precious corner stone (1 Pet. 2:7). During those times when I am disappointed by the outcomes in my life, I can adjust my heart and faith to build on what really is important – to follow the One who gave himself up for me and calls me into a life of worship and serving. The blessings of following Jesus through the seasons of disappointment prove way more valuable than I ever imagined. He is precious indeed!

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