West Africa Ebola Update

Lifeline Update

We thank God that all partners, staff, students and Nehemiah boys are in good health.  We were devastated that the wife of Wilfred Sam, the head teacher of the LNP secondary school, sadly passed away from suspected Ebola last month. Wilfred was quarantined and we monitored his health carefully, and we are delighted to announce that is to come out of quarantine today and is in good health.

The virus remains a serious threat to global health.  The official recorded death toll currently stands at 4,500, but the WHO fears that this reflects only a fraction of the reality on the ground.  The response from the international community has finally started to look promising, but there remains an urgent demand in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone for more doctors, nurses, medical supplies and support for preventative measures.

LNP have been working harder than ever.  Prince sensibly declared that the outbreak of the virus in Sierra Leone is a national issue which Government alone cannot tackle but every Sierra Leonean must put hands together to fight.  The Ebola sensitisation prgrammes designed by the LNP team have been targeting churches in Kissy, Wellington and Waterloo, teaching about how the disease is spread, how to prevent it, how to identify symptoms and where to seek treatment.  LNP have reached thousands of communities this way, in combination with their Ebola talk show on TUMAC radio.

Albert Dimoh’s main concern is the slowness of the response of contact tracers and the burial teams once an Ebola victim has been identified.  He also voiced concern in the delays in releasing test results of those who have died, which raises a lot of controversies in the community and unnecessarily stigmatizes families and communities of the dead.

Please pray for God’s protection and direction as we deal with this crisis; that we do not see it from a wordly perspective but are able to see it through God’s eyes and pray: Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.

Your brother,