What a Year it’s Going to Be!

Palm3About 8 months ago I heard the Lord say that He had gone before us to Florida and had prepared a place.  It was clear, full of life like a bubbling spring and made me want to move right then.  Then I thought of some of the consequences – leaving family, disrupting life, uncertainties, fears, having to start again – I think you get the picture but the strength of the word kept suppressing the fears and gave way to a sense of adventure.

Well, as I am writing to you we are in Ruskin Florida, starting a new chapter in our lives.  WOW! I thought I’d take just a minute and highlight a few insights we gained in our transition.  Remember – “The just shall live by…”

First, the initial hearing of the word brought joy but when my mind engaged trying to figure how it was going to happen, I lost it. When I realized what the promise was – “I am going before you to prepare a place” – I rested.  When we live by faith there are going to be a lot of nights you go to bed and you just won’t know how He is going to work it out and you have to be OK with that.  If you’re not, you are heading down the wrong road of “leaning on your own understanding.”

When we live by faith there are going to be a lot of nights you go to bed and you just won’t know how He is going to work it out and you have to be OK with that.

Second, it took 8 months and He did it differently than I would have.  Imagine that!  But looking back on it – His way was a far better plan.  We had a house to sell which sold in His time and He delighted to work in our hearts and minds as a good Dad does to help us to think right about Him and our circumstances.  He took our children’s desires into consideration and even used the process to set us free, and heal us, from wounds in our past. In addition, one of my specific prayers was to move before the snow arrived. That was an easy prayer to believe for last Spring but as Fall was unfolding, it became increasing difficult.  Just so you know (in case I forget to tell you in the end), it snowed the day after we left which was two days after Christmas.

Third, there has been an unfolding aspect to this promise.  It wasn’t just about a place in Florida or a specific house, but it included friends, schools, a job and everything that pertains to our lives.  As the promise began to unfold (the house was under construction since early Oct and was all new by the time we arrived – new floors, paint, appliances..), it gave us confidence to continue to thank Him for the next part of the promise that He was unfolding. One of the last things has to do with a job – we literally are on tiptoes to see what He is going to do with that!

For those of you who know our journey and the difficulties we experienced as we left New Hampshire, you’ll rejoice with us for we feel like a battleship that has gone back out to sea, repaired and refurbished and steaming towards our next adventure. Keep you posted!

Now let’s make this a conversation about our life of faith.  Can you share some of your experiences to help others who read this in their time of faith testing?

2 comments for “What a Year it’s Going to Be!

  1. David Simmons
    January 20, 2016 at 4:40 am

    That’s so exciting Keith! The Network expands ever more! Let us know how you get on. And keep an eye out for the gators!!

    • Keith
      January 20, 2016 at 8:33 am

      Hey David,

      Well, there are supposedly three gators that live in the lake that we live on. Neighbors say that you might see them sunning themselves out on the backyard. I guess they only deal with them if they grow to be 8′. Haven’t seen them yet…

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